3 Great Keyword Search Tools Need Know

Choosing the right tool for your keyword research is a decision that you need to take seriously. While the price may seem to be the most important factor, it is important to remember it isn’t just all about how much you pay. Whether it’s cheaper or more expensive, you need to consider what the tool delivers. The features should be able to provide exactly what you need to have a stronger online presence.

Below is a review of three of the most popular keyword research tools used by businesses,

  1. Serpstat – This is an all-round tool that you can find useful for your basic SEO needs. It has great features that allow you to find the best keywords to use to start ranking higher. These features include,
    • Keyword Selection – a feature that gives you access to reports such as search volume (year/month), social domains and results. The information this feature provides lets you manage your chosen keywords more efficiently.
    • Comparison Analysis – a feature that helps you understand your competitor’s keyword strategy.
    • Search Suggestions – with this feature, you can get a glimpse of all the suggested keywords displayed below the search bar at the beginning of a consumer’s query.
    • Related Keywords – This feature helps you maximize your keyword search by suggesting other possible words that are semantically related. For example, if you’re using ‘porches’, this feature may offer other suggestions such as ‘decks’ and ‘terraces’ or ‘porch furniture’.

You can take advantage of the ‘Freemium’ product which can be used at no cost. You can do up to 30 keyword searches per month. If you wish to do more than that, then you can opt for their monthly and yearly plans.

According to user reviews of this tool, it does come with some challenges. One of which is the fact that it cannot do a keyword list evaluation. You would need to analyze your chosen keywords one at a time. Some users have also noted the lack of integration with Google Analytics and the absence of clickstream data. But all in all, Serpstat is a pretty efficient tool to get you started.

  1. Ahrefs – Considered as one of the most powerful SEO tools in the market, Ahref is certainly worth looking at. It allows you to do both competitor based and traditional keyword search functions. Ahrefs delivers the following,
    • Clicks- Allows you to view both organic and paid clicks that a specific keyword gets. What this basically means is that you see whether a keyword can generate traffic to your site and not just how often it is used in a query.
    • Search Volume – Helps you become more strategic with the keywords you use as it displays how many searches per month it gets in a specific country. It also gives you the average for the last 12 months.
    • Traffic Potential – Let’s you see the organic search estimate of the site that ranks #1 for the keyword you are looking at.

With so many great features that Ahrefs delivers, it can be the ideal tool for you. However, it too does come with a few hiccups. Users have commented that the keyword suggestion feature does not include a relevancy score. This can be quite frustrating especially if you’re just beginning to build your online presence.

It is undeniable that this tool can be quite impressive. So, if you have the funds to invest in Ahrefs, then you can go ahead and sign up for the $99 per month plan. Unlike most other SEO tools, Ahrefs does not offer a free plan. It does, however, gives a 14-day free trial.  

  1. SEMrush – When it first came out in 2008, SEMrush hit the world by storm. It was the only tool available that allowed businesses to look at their competitors’ keyword strategies. It was an SEO tool that gave you super x-ray powers. Business owners no longer had to guess why others in the industry were performing better online.

Below are some of the features of the keyword search component of SEMrush:

    1. Detailed Keyword Analytics –  SEMrush gives you access to loads of data. From keywords that your competitors are using to how much getting ranked can cost, there are a variety of reports to choose from.
    2. Keyword Magic Tool – Provides you with the keywords that you need to create an efficient SEO strategy.
    3. Phrase Match – Lets you find keyword phrases to match your seed. This function is ideal for when you’re looking to add new content to your site or run a PPC campaign.

SEMrush certainly has a lot to deliver. Some users though have found the interface a bit challenging to navigate. But with the addition of new easier to use tools as well as a comprehensive tutorial and Knowledge Base, new users can become experts in no time.

SEMrush offers monthly as well as yearly plans. You can even have a customized plan to make sure you get the features that you need.

Whether you decide to choose a free plan or one that comes with a fee, what matters is that you get the features that can help you improve your keyword strategies. To get expert advice on how keyword searches can help you get ranked higher on search engine results contact us today!

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