Backlink Building Techniques You Should Know

If you have heard of the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization, then you are familiar with the term Backlink Building. If not then let me give you a little information about it. Backlinks or external backlinks are links directing to your website from other reputable sites. Why are they important for your website? Simple, it helps your website have higher rankings on popular search engines.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, and Ask use a variety of factors or elements when considering which websites to display on the results they deliver. The more elements your site has, the better the chances of appearing on the first couple of pages.

One of the main factors these search engines look at is the popularity, reputation, and authority of a page. These can be achieved by building strong and relevant backlinks.

There are different ways of how you can start creating a positive reputation on the World Wide Web. Below are some basic but important techniques that you can use to get more backlinks.

Participate in Guest Posting

Guest posting is popular for many blog and business-related sites. Not only does it provide fresh content, it also helps engage visitors. This is a technique that you certainly do not want to overlook.

When you create relevant blogs or articles for other sites, you start building your own reputation as an expert in that particular field. You add content to others and improve your online presence at the same time. But what really makes this work is the fact that your website becomes somehow affiliated with whoever you are guest posting for.

The best way to see if a website is open for guest posting is simply by being keen to their content. Most of the time you will see a “Write for us” or “Submit Guest Post” caption somewhere on their page. Some of the popular guests posting sites are Blogging Tips, Bloggers Passion, and Freelance Folder.

Keep in mind that you do need to check the policies of other sites when it comes to including links that direct readers back to your own site. The last thing you want to happen is to violate these set rules and lose the opportunity to build relevant backlinks.

Build Your Links Through Infographics

Infographics are widely used in Building Backlinks today. People spend most of their time scrolling up and down their screens. Especially on their social media accounts reading, liking, and sharing posts, they find it interesting and informative. However, catching the attention of readers is not easy if you don’t put a powerful visual representation.

To make your infographic viral, you must know your objective first. Ask yourself, what is this infographic for? Is it relevant to my website? The next step is to put the proper content. Make sure these are easy to read. It is also important that you find the perfect design. Choose something that is eye-catching but not too overpowering. You want something that reputable sites would be interested in.

Look for Broken Links

Once your website is packed with valuable content your chances of getting quality backlinks become higher. Checking for broken links from reputable sites such as Wikipedia is a virtual gold mine. Webmasters regularly review their links to ensure that these are all working and directing readers to a relevant source.

Do your research and find these broken links. With your site packed with the right content, your chances of getting those links to be directed to you become higher. You can contact webmasters to let them know that you have the content they need to link to.

There are quite a few more techniques that you can try out. But the ones above are a great way to get you started. If you want to get expert advice on how your website can start getting quality backlinks, feel free to contact us!

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