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Online marketing has become a necessity for many companies undertaking their businesses on the internet. This is mostly done through websites and blogs which help companies market their products and services to the globe by providing relevant information to their target consumers. This kind of exposure opens up the market base for any online businesses to a global level. SEO services for your company website ensure high search engine ranking and, thus, more organic, as well as referral traffic to your website or blog. Your website will be ranked according to the context in the content and its relationship with similar high ranking websites linked to you. This traffic can be used to generate useful links and sales.

Functions of Search Engines

Primarily, search engines crawl through websites and index all the content they come across by prioritizing the content’s calculated level of relevance. They consequently present results as guided by keyed-in search keywords by web surfers on their browsers. The top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing drive the majority of the traffic on the web. This has placed search engine optimization and search engine marketing among the top sort modes of marketing. There are two chief techniques used in search engine optimization: Black-Hat technique is considered taboo by SEO service-providing companies and White-Hat technique, which can simply be termed as good practice that is highly advised. Keyword stuffing, otherwise known as cannibalization, difficult website navigation and buying links will not get you any positive results with search engines. This is, however, corrected by giving your website more authority through quality content, highly ranked backlinks, better navigation user experience, and good performance.

Online Marketing Trends

Internet Marketing is fast shifting from content-based to context-based. The search engine giant Google recently made changes to its crawling algorithm, which saw more favor and relevance being given to websites with informative content as opposed to the earlier attention associated with keyword filled content. Marketing trends on the internet vary from email marketing, social media, paid searches, organic traffic generation and mobile (including bulk SMS) marketing. Video marketing is also a great way to communicate because it combines visual, aural and sometimes text, thereby being more engaging to internet users. This has consequently directed search engines to give more priority to video media associated with relevant keywords.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are three values associated with video:

  • Search engine preference
  • Better engagement with web users
  • Effective trade name awareness

It is common knowledge that most people will psychologically respond positively to multimedia presentations of content rather than any other mode of information distribution. In addition, text allows readers to skim through, sometimes completely missing the intended message, which is not the case with video. Once the play button is pressed the user has two options; sit through the entire video or get bored and discard it altogether. Our sister company was actually created to solve this very problem and we now offer video marketing services through Juxt Media.

Advantages of SEO

  1. No market catchment boundaries or limits
  2. Relatively cheap
  3. Posted links will remain as redirecting baits as long as the internet still exists
  4. Unlimited variety of media can be used to convey information
  5. Viral marketing is a good way to pass news via social media. Viral Marketing is a marketing technique that encourages people to pass along your message voluntarily.
  6. High SEO ranking builds brand trust

Whether your company needs video or SEO services nobox has got you covered. Interested? Contact us here.

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