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Partnering With The School For Freelancers

We are super stoked to announce our partnership with the School For Freelancers!

The School For Freelancers is a sister company to the School For Startups but is, as you could imagine, solely focused on helping freelancers develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed.

At nobox creatives, we firmly believe that choosing to be an entrepreneur and embarking on that journey is one of the best things one can do for themselves to build character, establish grit, craft resilience, and build the life of your dreams. Just as with the School For Startups partnership, this relationship will be built on the same principles.

The School For Freelancers model is quite similar to that of the School For Startups and by focusing on Freelancers, we have developed a curriculum that applies directly to the ups and downs of a freelance career vs. that of building a business with employees.

There are many parallels between the two, but freelancing comes with its own set of challenges and we face head-on with our curriculum designed to help freelancers go from ideation to execution, to full-blown careers.

With so many people having to start over due to layoffs as a result of the recent economic hit caused by COVID, we felt like the time was right to build a platform and community that empowered those that were ready and willing to step out on their own and build a new career path.

The School For Freelancers Community will be very similar in nature to that of the School For Startups in that we will host weekly live online training, provide in-depth on-demand courses, provide a community forum for everyone to learn from one another, provide access to exclusive content only available for members, and much more.

If there is anything we have learned while building nobox creatives over the years it is that community and continuing to learn within the marketing space as well as business development has contributed immensely to our success. Learning from those that came before us and helped pave the way has helped us avoid certain roadblocks and overcome the inevitable ones.

Anyone that has built a business whether as a sole proprietor or a business owner with thousands of employees will ultimately contribute much of their success to the knowledge and skills taught them by mentors, advisors, authors, teachers and instructors.

At this point, we are quite honored to be giving back and helping a new generation of entrepreneurs and freelancers kick start their careers and build a sustainable business.

We could not be more excited about the partnership and to kick off the fall curriculum starting October. If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for the School For Freelancers feel free to apply on the website.

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