Simple Sales Management For Small Business

We are often asked about more than just marketing, SEO, design, and the other services we offer so I wanted to spend some time sharing the tools that we have and continue to use to grow our business. It is no mystery that without sales you are not going to stay in business very long.

When getting started and bootstrapping your new venture, tracking sales in a spreadsheet or in your email or on a google doc seems like a good idea to help save money. But using any of these tools, you will soon realize that opportunities will slip through the cracks without the proper follow up and accountability tracking that most CRMs will provide.

If you are growing a small business and have your product or services all set up but you are having a hard time staying on top of your prospects I cannot recommend spending a few bucks a month for a sales CRM. The problem is, most of them are super expensive or have way too many bells and whistles for your needs. You will spend more time trying to figure out how to use the software than you will actually, well, using it.

We have been using PipeDrive for years now and I cannot begin to explain just how useful this tool is for our needs. It is affordable, effective, user-friendly, and honestly a lot of fun to use. Seeing your sales dashboard (just as one example) every time you log in is very motivating.

It is full of features that you need and leaves out the ones you never will need. The customer support is amazing and they continue to crank out new features that help streamline the sales process even further.

I see way too many companies starting off with tools and platforms like Salesforce and there is just too much going on for it to make sense in the early stages. I love the Salesforce platform, but for most small businesses getting their feet wet and trying to procure clients, Pipedrive is all you will need.

We have been using it for years and will continue to do so for years to come I am sure.

You can claim your free trial of Pipedrive here.

Now get out there and make some sales!

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