Top 3 Reliable Facebook Ads Best Practices You Need to Know

What your Facebook ad says can dictate the success of your business. After all with almost 2 billion reported daily active users on this social media platform, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to market your products and services.

With such an impressive number of potential customers, there are dozens upon dozens of businesses who try to get noticed on Facebook. So, how do you stand out from all your competitors? Below are the top 3 simple but reliable best practices that can make a world of difference.

Short and Sweet Still Sells

The onset of technology it seems has had an effect on people’s average attention span. Studies show that an individual who spends quite a lot of time online may quickly lose interest in as quickly as 8 to 10 seconds. 

Your goal is to get your message across before Facebook users scroll past your ad. The best way to do this, of course, is by keeping it short and direct to the point. A string of verbs and adjectives may seem ideal but anything longer than 5 words is a complete waste of time.

You want your prospects to know exactly what you want them to know with a quick glance. If you’re having a sale, go ahead and use that word instead of ‘price reduction’. Draw your target audience in with powerful words such as ‘free’, ‘guaranteed’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘exclusive’. The shorter and better structured the headline, the more effective it’s bound to be. 


Successful companies understand that marketing their brand is an investment worth making. This is something that you too should certainly focus on. The strategies of online advertising are certainly more dynamic than in any other medium. 

Sticking with just one signature ad can be quite disastrous. Facebook users are always looking for something new. So even if your ad worked the first time around, its impact will certainly not be as impressive after a few days. 

The great thing about promoting your brand on Facebook is that you have quite a few formats to choose from. Take advantage of these choices to drive interest in your product and service.

Play around with your ads. Don’t stick to just one format. Use carousels, slide shows and videos to show just how great your offer is. Experiment with different but clear call-to-action statements to lure your target customers.

Free Content

With so much competition on Facebook, getting noticed by your target audience can be quite difficult. Practically every business on the planet has more than a dozen ads on this platform. So, how do you draw people in?

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get consumers to notice a brand. People are interested to know more about almost anything. For example, if you have a food catering business, you can promote your brand by sharing some free recipes. 

The free content that you give out gives you a foot through the door. It makes Facebook users pause from scrolling and actually click your ad to know more.

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