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IMA Corporate Interiors


The Short Version of the Story

We have been working with IMA Corporate Interiors for several years now and it all started when they reached out about having their website redesigned. After a couple calls and some in person meetings we decided that they would also need professional headshots and some SEO.

IMA has been working very hard to grow their portfolio and make a name for themselves since their inception in 2001 and they trusted us to bring proof of their hard work offline, online. We were able to achieve this through a highly visual website that showcases their best work with beautiful pictures of their work, as well as well written copy.

After rebuilding their website and providing general guidance on how they could improve their online presence using in house resources, we were hired to help them drive more organic traffic through SEO. Working with the IMA team is an absolute blast and we are thrilled and humblwd to be a part of their journey.

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  • Website Design

  • SEO

The Story In More Detail

IMA Corporate Interiors is a company dedicated to delivering beautiful and inspiring office spaces for companies of all sizes. They have a dedicated team of professionals that from concept to final installation, provide an amazing client experience. IMA came to us when they realized they had outgrown their old website and were in need of a much more modern design that would convey the level of professionalism they had now achieved in the industry.

Their old website was incomplete and lacking in several categories. Their industry is very visual but the written word was all but completely missing from their site leaving many site visitors with an unclear picture of what exactly they did. This was clear from the moment we took the first look at the site and through working with the IMA team were able to quickly establish a plan to revamp their online presence in a way that maintained visual appeal with images of completed projects, but also included strategically placed copy and messaging where it would be made clear exactly what they did.

In addition to updating the website with more copy and more appealing images of their work, we needed to provide a better user experience through clear navigation and a more intuitive homepage. The old site did not do a great job of making it clear just how to find the information you were looking for and it was very important for us to fix that.

IMA had worked very hard over the last several years to make a name for themselves in the industry and they trusted us to convey that level of professionalism in a way that not only pleased search engines but desktop and mobile site visitors alike. They were now playing in the big leagues and we needed to design a site that made that very clear to anyone visiting it. With this, it was also very important to showcase some of the projects they had recently completed.

With more copy, more imagery, a project portfolio, and a greatly improved user experience we were able to deliver just what IMA was looking for and then some. We have recently started working on ongoing SEO efforts to help them rank for several keywords related to the manufacturers they represent. We will share another story on these efforts as soon as the results start rolling in.

The Challenge

After several years of very hard work, IMA Corporate Interiors was now in a position to play in the big leagues with some of the larger companies in the industry. We needed to take a weak online presence and give it a full blown revamp so they were now viewed as a company worthy of the larger projects. They had done the hard work of building a business that was growing quickly, we needed to provide them with a website that conveyed that.

The Solution

We worked closely with the IMA team to develop a new sitemap, content structure, imagery layout, and user experience. After a few meetings we were off to the races and were able to design a website that was exactly what they were looking for. As a matter of fact it may have set a record for the least amount of revisions. We were 99% complete with the first design they saw. They loved it and we launched very shortly thereafter.

The Outcome

IMA was absolutely thrilled with their new website and have received tons of compliments over the years. With our SEO foundation, which we include with every website build, they rank for their company name and several industry keywords. Now that we have started ongoing SEO maintenance we will see even more keywords and SEO improvements across the board in the coming months.

A Word From The Client

IMA Corporate Interiors has been working with nobox for years now and we love their team. They have built and continue to maintain our beautiful website, consulted with us over the years on all things marketing, taken our head shots, and have just been a pleasure to work with. They are very prompt in responses and helpful with ideas to make things better. They are a really great group!

– Jill Marshall | Office Administrator at IMA Corporate Interiors

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