The Short Version of the Story

Chandler Speech was a great project to work on, not only because the staff was amazing, but also because we were able to take a small local business and help it thrive online and off. Working with Chandler Speech proved to be one of the funnest projects we have worked on to date.

Through a full blown revamp of their online presence and a heavy emphasis on increasing their website traffic through SEO we were able to drive traffic, leads, and revenue for several years.

This project is a perfect example of how working closely with a small business owner to create clear messaging, and strong content that site visitors will find helpful can build trust for both Google and those searching for your services.

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The Story In More Detail

Chandler Speech is a small speech and language clinic located in Buford Georgia that had been in business for several years before we were introduced to the owner, Emily Chandler. She came to us looking for a new website and a cleaner online presence. Her practice had been growing over the years through word of mouth from very happy clients. Word of mouth was working wonders until business began to slow, and Emily soon realized she needed to put some effort into marketing.

When we first met, the priority was a new website as the existing one, was in desperate need of a revamp. It was several years old, and was not Google or mobile friendly. She knew she was losing business to some of the larger competitors in the space because they not only had a much better user experience, but they were also showing up in search results for keywords related to her services.

After performing initial audit and keyword research we discovered the competition was quite fierce and it would take some work to outrank them. We also discovered several opportunities to rank for keywords that were higher in search volume but not as competitive due to less effort from the competition to rank for them.

We decided on a full website rebuild and a strong SEO foundation with ongoing maintenance is what was needed to deliver the results Emily was looking for. She agreed and we got to work. Instead of a basic 5 page website with very thin content and only a handful of photos that had been taken with her phone, we opted for a photoshoot in the office and to have her and her staff write up keyword heavy copy for each of the services pages. This was critical for keyword ranking.

Once the site was complete and the site was indexed we began to see improvements across the board. Through ongoing maintenance, site updates, and tracking we managed to get Chandler Speech to rank for over 20 keywords related to their services in and around the Buford area.

The Challenge

The challenge with the speech and therapy space is that the level of completion and it can be difficult for small clinics to rank with the larger companies spending thousands on marketing. We also had to create a lot of content in order to provide Google with the keywords, and site visitors with the information they were looking for. The old site was not very clear in it’s messaging either so content strategy was critical. The full scope of services that Chandler Speech offered were not clear and the site was difficult to navigate. We had to revisit their entire business model to deliver clear messaging, and a website that was easy to find.

The Solution

We rebuilt the website and content structure from the ground up by spending time with Emily and her staff to ensure the messaging was on point, and the photos accurately conveyed the warm and inviting environment she had spent thousands on renovations to create. We wanted the experience of finding Chandlers Speech online and showing up for an appointment to provide a level of consistency most brick and mortar businesses should strive for. This was achieved through an onsite photoshoot and website design that matched the aesthetic of the building. The SEO solution was to create the content that both search engines and site visitors are looking for with a very strong technical foundation.

The Outcome

We managed to help drive leads to the website through targeted keyword and content strategy, increased the average time spent on site, increased the number of conversions, and helped Chandler Speech become a recognizable brand in and around the Buford area. After several years of working closely with Emily to increase her web traffic, online leads, and revenue, she was able to make a successful exit. Selling the company was something she never thought she would be able to achieve so quickly, but with our help, a much larger speech therapy company took notice of her brand and made an offer she could not refuse. As you can see from the results below, we were able to get Chandler Speech to the top 3 position for several keywords in her area.


A Word From The Client

“We hired nobox creatives to build our website and manage our SEO campaigns. They were able to not only design a beautiful website that we absolutely love, but they continue to drive leads to our business through organic search. My business would not be where it is today without nobox. Thank you so much!”

– Emily Chandler | Founder of Chandler Speech