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The Short Version of the Story

Working with the Highland Commercial Morgage team to design a clean and modern website to help them stand out in the industry was a lot of fun. They were very open to design ideas and super responsive in getting feedback to us in a timely fashion.

There were several competitors in the space that had websites that looked much better than the original site Highland was relying on so they decided it was time to clean up their online presence and design a website that helped them stand out amongst their competitors.

Highland had been growing year after year and became too busy to even think about their website until it just became too obvious they needed a revamp. We worked closely with them without getting in their way and we were able to design something they love.

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The Story In More Detail

Highland Commercial Mortgage is a commercial mortgage broker based in Birmingham Alabama. They are incredibly good at what they do and much like other clients we have worked with in the past, their website just did not hold a candle to what they were doing offline. Their old website had been built about 5 years prior and was not mobile responsive, it was not ranking for even the name of their company, and it just looked dated across the board.

Not only did the site look dated, but it was difficult for site vitors to find what they were looking for. They also wanted to be able to make monthly and quarterly updates to the site and easily add new staff members as they onboarded for their growing business. The old platform required weeks of waiting for site updates because the technology did not allow for simple updates to be made to the site.

We worked with the Highland Commercial Mortgage Marketing Director, Leigh Ann to develop a plan for the redesign. Her and her team were very responsive with feedback and we were able to quickly design just what they were looking for. After the initial concepts were presented we went back and forth with various tweaks to find the design that they were looking for. After a few weeks we landed on the perfect design and launched the site.

Working with the Highland team we were able to deliver a user experience and website design that made them stand out amongst the competition in a big way. The commercial mortgage industry is one that from what we found was very dated in its approach to online marketing and website design. Many of the companies in this industry and several others feel that their website is just a brochure and all of their business comes from word of mouth so why bother with a website redesign. Well after getting the feedback from Leigh Ann and her team, we are all convinced that a well designed website can and does make a difference in someone’s decision to work or not work with companies of all types.

The Challenge

We were tasked with designing a website that not only had aesthetic appeal that would make Highland stand out in the industry but also provide site visitors with user friendly experience allowing them to easily find what they were looking for. Sometimes this task can require more work than you imagine, but we were up for the challenge.

The Solution

We met with the client several times and went over various design concepts that we felt aligned with their vision and were able to zero in on what everyone agreed would be the look and feel Highland was looking for. After going back and forth on the ideas brought to the table we got to work and were able to deliver a design they not only loved, but were convinced would make them stand out in the industry. They were right.

The Outcome

To this day they get compliments on how awesome their website is and even though it has been 3 years (as of 2020) the site still has a modern and very user friendly aesthetic that has withstood the test of time. Which goes to show that if you design with the future in mind, you will not only look better than anyone in your industry when launched, the design will outlast many others saving time and money in the future.

A Word From The Client

“Our website is exactly what we were looking for and we could not be more excited about it! Thank you for being so professional and easy to work with!”

– Leigh Ann Rula | Marketing Director at Highland Commercial Mortgage