The Short Version of the Story

Our work with RED is near and dear to our hearts. With team members directly involved with the Atlanta based non-profit, there is nothing we would not do for this organization. They are doing amazing things right here in our community and we love them for it. From content strategy and Google Ads management to SEO and web design, we have done, and continue to do everything we can to ensure RED has the online reach they deserve.

We have been working closely with the team at RED to drive awareness and donations through a rock-solid content strategy that increases organic search traffic as well as taking full advantage of the Google Ads Grant available for non-profits to drive traffic for searches related to their cause.

All of these efforts have helped RED procure sponsors and partnerships with some amazing organizations that are helping them reach more of Atlanta’s youth through their program. The work RED is doing for our community deserves every bit of attention it gets. We are thrilled to be involved with such an amazing cause.

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The Story In More Detail

RED is a non-profit located in Atlanta Georgia dedicated to providing non-violent offenders with a second change through programs designed to aid in the development of the skills necessary for them to avoid a life of crime and become contributing members of society. The program participants have been arrested for a non-violent offense, and instead of court, charges, and jail time, they are place in the RED program for 12 months, learning everything from emotional intelligence to financial independence.

Their mission covers a very hot topic right now and there are tens of thousands of searches being performed every month related to recidivism, criminal justice reform, and many other related topics. The problem is, RED is still in it’s infancy and does not have the reach that other non-profits with similar missions have. They are a small organization and their time is spent dedicated to perfecting their program and curriculum to achieve their mission to #stoprecidivism.

With all of that on their plate, it is difficult to find the time to drive awareness of their mission. Their lucky break came when we advised them to apply for the Google Ads Grant that most 501(c)3 non-profits are eligible for. They applied and were approved for the grant, giving RED access to $10,000 in Google Ads Spend every single month.

Once the grant was procured we got to work setting up their account, the campaigns and content strategy. Yes, content strategy. Without content, without pages to send searches to you are going to lose your ads grant pretty quickly. The problem was they did not have anyone in house to write the blogs and create the content necessary to build ad campaigns around. They decided to work with us to not only manage their ad campaigns but to write the blogs the ads would drive traffic to.

We got to work writing blogs that we knew would drive traffic based on the keyword research we conducted and started driving traffic right away. The traffic to their website increased significantly in just a few short months and as a result 237,051 people were exposed to the RED brand in 2019 using ads that Google hands over to non-profits just for doing amazing work that makes the world a better place.

The campaigns have not even fully matured and we are seeing better results month after month. The RED team has started writing some of their own content as well now that they have a better grasp on how it all works. With our guidance they are writing amazing content that is continuing to engage their audience and driving thousands of visitors to their site every month. The best part is, we are just getting started.

The Challenge

As a small non-profit still in it’s infancy, RED was challenged with trying to build a strong brand while juggling the infinite tasks related to designing their curriculum, and doing their best to help the program participants. As a non-profit, their funds were also very limited but they knew they needed to get their name out there and drive traffic to the site to build brand awareness.

The Solution

We guided them through the Google Ads Grant application process, built ad campaigns, developed a strong content strategy, began writing blogs, and driving thousands of visitors to their site. The real solution came from the content strategy and aligning the blog topics with what people were searching for and designing targeted ad campaigns to get RED to appear for the most popular searches on recidivism, criminal justice reform, and more.

The Outcome


Working closely with team members from RED we were able to devise a plan to create content that was not only relevant to the cause but also information that people were actively searching for so that they not only showed up in searches but we were able to drive traffic as well. After putting a lot of effort into keyword research and deciding on topics to cover that had both high search volume and lower competition we devised a plan and executed. The result was a sharp increase in organic visibility, site ranking, and traffic in just a few months of launching the SEO strategy and continued growth since then.

Google Ads

Total spent in 2019: $45,353.15
Total number of people that clicked on the ads in 2019: 28,619
Total number of people who saw the ads in 2019 (points for brand awareness): 237,051

We increased the overall Users by 1,478%%, New Users by 1.503%, Sessions by 1,504%, Number of Sessions by 1.63%, and Pageviews by 1,130% during the year of 2019 compared to 2018. This is a huge victory for 2019. *The orange lines below are 2018 and the blue lines are 2019.


A Word From The Client

“Working with the nobox creatives has proven to be one of our most valuable business relationships. They helped us create a strong online presence through various website builds that include online and email marketing strategies. The associated costs were offset as our online presence grew due to the enhanced online visibility the nobox creatives team engineered.”

– David Lee Windecher | Chief Executive Officer & Founder of RED