The Short Version of the Story

Revelator Coffee has been making a name for itself for several years now in the southeast and have even moved their operation up north to Massachusetts and out west to California. The offer one of the best cups of joe around and make one of my favorite Iced Vanilla Lattes in my opinion.

They came to us as they needed help standing out amongst the sea of competition specifically for their catering services. Each of their locations were doing great, but they knew that in order to compete with the larger coffee companies they needed to get a slice of the catering pie.

After conducting our audit and keyword research we quickly realized that their website was focused almost exclusively on online sales as well as information about the individual locations, but it was lacking in content related to catering services.

We quickly got to work with content strategy and applying the necessary keywords to a series of new pages to help them climb the Google ladder. It did not take long for us to get the results we were looking for, and they are continuing to climb as you read this.

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The Story In More Detail

Revelator Coffee is a chain of coffee shops and cafes located in several states including Georgia, Tennessee, California, South Carolina, just to name a few. Their coffee is amazing and so are their locations located all over the country. What they were struggling with was an online presence as it related to coffee catering services for events. Their locations were doing great, people love their coffee, even their online sales were doing really well, but they were not showing up in searches on Google for terms such as “Coffee Catering” or “Coffee Catering for Events”.

When we first met with them they were considering both paid ads on Google and social, and were considering tackling the problem from and SEO perspective. We had a hunch that paying for ads may be a good short term strategy, but we may want to focus our efforts on SEO.

Turns out, we were right. After our first meeting we began our SEO audit and discovered that they had a lot of opportunity to outrank the competition as it seemed they were asleep at the wheel. They have some pretty fierce competition, including Starbucks, Dunkin, and pretty much any other restaurant or cafe that is rockin’ a more recognizable name so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but the research was showing that it would be a little bit easier than anticipated.

After presenting them with the data, and advising that we focus on SEO rather than allocating any of their marketing budget to ad spend we collectively decided to go all in with SEO. This ended up being a great decision as it allowed them to save money on their marketing spend while building a strong online presence that will last for years to come.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was going up against some large competitors in the coffee catering space that had millions to spend on ads, SEO and various forms of marketing. Revelator is an up and coming brand, and does not have the household name advantage of the Starbuck’s and Dunkin’s of the world.

The Solution

Build a stronger SEO presence for their existing website by optimizing at every turn. We performed a thorough audit of their site as well as their competition to determine the best approach and quickly began implementing on the technical updates, site additions, page builds, and more.

The Outcome

We were able to significatnly increase their organic search traffic for keywords related to coffee catering and drove dozens of catering gigs for their Atlanta locations in just a few short months. Additionally we were able to increase their Average Session Duration by 3.45%, and increase their Conversion Rate by 72.5%.

A Word From The Client

nobox Creatives is a team of rock stars! They are easy to work with and deliver amazing results. We especially love the monthly SEO reports because they are showing us how our website is actually turning google searches into customers. Love the nobox team!

– Davis Sandling | Marketing Manager of Revelator Coffee